Exchange and Return Policy

FURSAExchange and Return Policy

FURSA (ABU LABAN STORES) has a set of terms and conditions for exchange and return of products. For the exchange or return to be successful, the product must be returned in its original condition along with all its accessories. The exchange or return must be requested within seven days of receiving the product, as regulated by the Ministry of Commerce’s regulations regarding electronic commerce. If the product has any scratch or damage, the customer must report the issue within 24 hours upon receipt of the order, or the damage will be considered the customer’s responsibility. The customer must also pack the product carefully and appropriately to ensure it is returned in its original condition. If not, the exchange of the product will be forfeited.

If a replacement or exchange is requested, the customer must bear all expenses, including shipping and installment costs. The shipping value is always deducted on non-received orders, even if the customer has previously received free shipping discounts, as the discounts only apply when the product is received. If the defect is proven to be a manufacturing defect, ABU LABAN STORES will bear the costs of all expenses.

If a customer wishes to replace a product, they must select a product with equal or higher value than the initial product. FURSA (ABU LABAN STORES) provides a step by step guide on how to submit an exchange/return request, which involves contacting their team, providing clear pictures and videos of the product, and reviewing policy data, among others.

Customers are advised to read and fully understand all the terms and conditions for exchange and return before making a purchase.
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